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and respect back to ward 8, aren't we? stand up for ourselves, do for ourselves, make people respect us. >> yesterday is gone! yesterday is gone! >> nobody's perfect. >> it's criminal that you look around here and you see this here yo-yo talk about he's going to represent us, the city need a fighter. he need to find him a rock to crawl under somewhere and just vegetate and die. >> marion barry! this is marion barry, girl! >> because of the programs that marion barry fostered, people like my grandchildren did not fall through the cracks. >> we need marion barry! >> look at ward 8. everybody sellin' drugs, they can't get jobs. yeah, i'm sayin' marion barry helped create the problem because he was on drugs. that's a bad role model. >> barry! barry! barry! >> we're talking about a piece of history, folks, marion barry, martin luther king. >> wave your hands, blow your horns, wave your hands, blow your horns. >> i met marion barry i think in 1968. he was taking a lot of chances. people weren't taking chances durin' that period. for a black guy, durin' that period, you really had to have ball
you want to be using right there. i know. honey, smile. c'mon, let me see you smile... c'mon. pogue: this tiny wafer contains a highly sophisticated machine. what's it made of? a computer chip is like a densely packed city-- a solid slab of silicon sprinkled with other elements like boron and arsenic, topped by layers of metals and ceramics. they're laid out like tiny, functional neighborhoods. over here is memory. 50 years ago you'd have needed a whole building full of vacuum tubes to store just a fraction of what fits in here. over here is where data comes in and out of the chip. 50 years ago the fastest computer on earth could process maybe a few hundred punch cards a minute. today, data goes in and out billions of times faster. and here is the processor. 50 years ago a computer could add a few thousand numbers in a second. in that same amount of time, this tiny chip can perform billions of calculations. scientists have discovered that the secret to cheap computing power is size. when we find the right materials and make them small, they change the world. the race to miniaturize
promise you'll feel much better soon. i'm not used to people looking after me. cheer up. i'm sure you have a colony of friends. what do you do when you're in london? nothing. play about. with other chaps? yes. we all do the same things. silly things. there's not one real person among us. sometimes i get terrified that i'm wasting my life. what's at the end of it all? well, i never know what's going to happen next. somehow, something always turns up. that sounds fun. why don't you come with me on my next job? you shan't be bored again. you're proposing to me? (laughs) i take it a lot of men have proposed to you. yes, but i'd rather have an adventure. woman: sweet tea, not sweet pea! (the professor laughs) i never thought he could laugh. perhaps you could tell him to keep the noise down. no, don't go. would it make you nervous if i told you i liked you? i knew you'd be a good kisser. let's run away together. i hope this pain is not because of me. i am unwell but not insensitive. never insensitive. it's my fault. oh, no... this... beyond our control. (crying) oh, i have done this to you
to look at it like that, because the stone couldn't be used forever. in terms of value, we're looking at something that of course has a few condition problems, but because it's a ship, and it's local, and it is by a. hoen, i think at auction you'd be looking at somewhere around $1,500 to about $2,000. wow! i don't know if tt's anywhere near where you -- what you paid for it. that's quite a bit higher. okay, good. the last one that sold locally sold for $1,500. so if it were in better condition, and didn't have some of the marks, i think we'd actually be looking at something more along the lines of $2,200, $2,500. so it has a lot of things going for it. not the least of which is the fact that it's a nice ship, and it's local. continue to enjoy this. hang it in a place of prominence. thank you for coming to chesapeake collectibles today. can you tell me a little bit about what brought you here. well, i have this collection of 452 different steamship line coffee cups. you are coffee drinker of the extreme. well, with 50 years of taking ships up and down the bay, they brought me coffee on
've brought in for us today? well, my grandparents were teachers and in the 1930s and '40s they were employed by our u.s. government and they were assigned to bethel, alaska where their mission was to educate the inuit indians, the native indians up there. and these are a couple pieces from their stay there. this was my grandfather's hunting helmet. as you would expect from most teachers and other people in the community, they assimilate with the local people and would go out on hunts. and these are dolls made by the inuit people for probably my mom and her sisters to play with. and this was his class from about 1938, i believe is when that was shot. now, you mentioned that this is actually only pt of gar of items. what else did you have? wei ha , ndfath's pka th dayat in t pto and some tools and ivory forks that were utilized in probably everyday life and such, so... this is a very interesting and i find a very amazing group of material. the photographs, they had an artistic bent, a quality perspective when they were making the images of what they were documenting their experience there, doc
was 1986 and in case you didn't have tivo back then, here it is. ellen degeneres: i used to wonder around the woods when i was a kid because my parents would put me there and um, i'd find petrified wood and i think to myself, "what could have scared these trees so badly? maybe a dinosaur lifting his leg, i guess that was scary." for a tree. i'm always thinking about these things because to me life is very precious, it's very special, we're here for such a short time that everything on this earth should have a reason, should have a beneficial purpose. and i feel like everything does, except for fleas, you know? fleas do nothing at all beneficial. i always thought at times like this when we can't figure it out for ourselves, wouldn't it be great if we could just pick up the phone and call up god and ask him these things? just pick up the phone and call up god, "yea, hi god, this is ellen. ellen. degeneres. degeneres. what, what's so funny? no, i never thought of that, it does sound like that doesn't it. i get it. listen if you weren't too busy, sure i'll hold on." somebody's at the gate.
specifically, mrs. flint. oh, well, all right. >> what was he doing back here? >> what? he helped us, didn't he? >> that's not what i asked. i don't like strangers in the house. i'm going to go and--and check on mom. >> dad's short, i'm tall. he's big, i'm not. he thinks differently. we're totally different. >> that's got nothing to do with it. he's your father. >> he's stalling on giving me my birth certificate. >> al, i knew your mom very well. when you were born, she and bert were overjoyed. >> so you do know something then? >> if you don't get on with it, then that job will never get done. here. >> joan--joan, did my mom have an affair? >> al, your father loved your mother very much. your father loves you very much. there's nothing more to be said. >> hello, boy. the doc said i should rest my back. >> i want my birth certificate. >> what you fancy for your tea then? nice bit of trout? >> now, dad. >> look, i turned the place upside down. there's no sign of it, but i'll find it. >> give it to me, or i'll send away for a copy. >> you can do that, then. [al sighs] >> i know about mom. her affa
of terrifying brief access to divine power and he's using that consciousness that sort of flooded into his body and creating the words. tom holland: muhammad is born into an age where it is taken for granted that the veil which obscures the dimension of the heavenly, the dimension of the angelic can be penetrated by men of peculiar vision or holiness and this is taken for granted by christian, by jewish by zoastrian holy men. and it is why people are able to accept his assurance that he is receiving revelations from god. it is why they are able to accept it. rageh omaar: this kind of spiritual experience is not normally associated with islam. one muslim group though, the sufis, claim to try to replicate muhammad's mystical experience of god through intense prayer, the chanting of god's name and singing verses from the qu'ran. emre yildirim: when prophet muhammad was saying his prayers, while he was mediating and communicating with god he used to hear the divine instructions and then act, that's why in sufism and in islam, we also try and come close to god. through our rituals we try to be one w
? what, am i gonna carry that burden around? you couldn't have given us a heads up about that a long time ago? okay, let me get this straight. ms. reynolds, you have no health insurance? no, i don't. okay. well, get out. wow, harsh. why is the government not providing us with health insurance? i mean, what is this, like some kind of socialist country or some kind of communist dictatorship? this is insane, this is un- american. you don't pay for health insurance. that's crazy. all i know is we need to find insurance asap. oh, my god, we're going to get sick eventually. so we just find a couple of side jobs, right? that way we'll have insurance, and when disaster inevitably occurs, we'll be covered. - we'll be covered. - okay, here we go. "position available. major sales corporation. motivated individuals. good interpersonal skills." you don't have to say anymore. - that's us, that is us. - "salary and benefits." - yo! - hey. why are you still wearing that thing, dude? did you wear that all the way here? i let my ass breathe. you keep saying that, but i don't know what it means. yeah, how d
get $100 off the samsung galaxy note ii with features like pop-up play. lets you use any app while watching video. or use the s pen for hand-written notes. just $199.99. hurry in, sale ends august 11th. getting the best back to school deals. that's powerful. verizon. when your allergies start, doctors recommend taking one non-drowsy claritin every day during your allergy season for continuous relief. 18 days! 17 days! 22 days of continuous relief. live claritin clear. every day. >> hi. >> hey! >> hey, little baby. >> how was school? >> well, i got an "a" on my spelling test. >> ooh! that's excellent! how about you, big fellow? >> it was awful. >> uh-oh. what's wrong, malik? >> i tried to talk to the cutest girl in school, and she rejected me, all because i was wearing the latest in no name brands. >> forget her! if she don't like you for you, then you definitely don't need her. >> right, because there are plenty of kids who would like to wear what you're wearing. >> they must not go to our school. i mean, you should have heard the names that they called him. [ chuckles ] >> what'd
slide so much, he wants to use it on every song. ♪ they're going to destroy depp: robby and john like his lyrics more than his voice, but something about their lead singer pulls them in. in the summer of 1965, "the doors" are born. jim had never sung before. robby had only been playing electric guitar for six months. ♪ yeah! depp: his original training was on acoustic -- spanish flamenco. he'd played in one rock band, with densmore, when they were both in high school. john had morphed from a high school marching band to a certified jazz freak into coltrane and mingus. ray rents a house, and the band rehearses there all summer. jim says they need more songs and tells everyone to write one over the weekend. only robby does his homework. the first song he writes is called "light my fire." ♪ know that it will be untrue ♪ know that i would be a liar ♪ ♪ if i was to say to you ♪ girl, we couldn't get much higher ♪ ♪ come on, baby, light my fire ♪ ♪ come on, baby, light my fire ♪ try to set the night on fire ♪ time to hesitate is through ♪ no time to wallow in the m
, calvin's never been that good at sharing. even when he was little, he used to rent his toys to his friends. >> i'm sorry, i was asking calvin. >> i'm trying to cook. can you keep the conversation over there? >> so, calvin, do you want to express your feelings? >> huh. well, playas don't have feelings, only game. >> the only game you got is my credit cards. >> so how does it make you feel to hear your father say that? >> well taken care of. >> well, tell me about your work here as a firefighter. >> oh, ho! oh, he doesn't work here. >> yeah, he volunteers. >> yeah, he's been in college seven years. >> thank you for all your input. thank you. thank you. >> no problem. >> you must be under a tremendous amount of stress. >> no. i feel fine. >> really? well, the body is a very sensitive machine. it tells you exactly how much stress you're really under. can i try something? >> you can try anything you want. >> okay. let me... oh. you are very tense. but that's understandable. not only are you in college, but you also risk your life daily with no pay. >> right. right. >> so, tell me, calvi
a word with you. he drinks a lot and if it's going to get us the quality of work that we want, i have to stay with him. put it this way, miss. my liver is the price i pay for your career. we had a meeting booked in, you and me. three hours ago. (clears throat) what about? my career. and who paid for lunch? i did. you mean chambers did? ah, miss cranitch. you did exactly what i told you not to do. i got bail. you couldn't have known you'd get bail. i do like a bit of gumption though. gumption. brilliant, well done, miss. what does gumption mean, jake? billy: your mate gary rush has turned up for more. yeah, he said to say hello. you all right, miss? can we talk? sure, about what? that present i've been given. yeah, let's have a drink in ten minutes. i'll come and get you. thank you. "why am i doing this? i feel so guilty." what? "why am i doing this? i feel so guilty." it's what annie said to the sexual offenses investigation team, a week after she was raped. what's the context? well, there isn't any really. it's just the only thing that's recorded for that day. does martha know about
. honor personified, six-man main event to come. stay with us. >> the payments too small, and over years and years? only getting... could you use this? get more cash, and keep more cash. call and get your money when you need it. >>> you've seen them at their best, and their bloodiest. now see them at home, now on dvd. the matches that helped define their careers as well as over 20 minutes of uncensored bonus footage, now at r.o. >> do you know you want more? text today. >> what we saw, the challengers continue in the women of honor, and maria is remaining here. >> women of honor match. >> maria, i don't want to dwell on what we just saw, but i want your thoughts on what michael bennett just did, to the cheeseburger as well. >> he destroyed him, like he should have a long time ago. he's a handsome looking guy, he's a "yes" man, he is always nice to everybody, but when you're done being nice, it's time to get things done. >> bobby cruz, let's hear it! >> the inferno! >> kick nightmare. >> that is a woman that gets jumped on. >> she certainly is. so it's bonesaw brooks, making her ring of h
'm not sure. >> it looked between his knees. >> right at the end it snuck out. i know rich is going to give us a chance to look at that a little bit more. worth a challenge. here you go. does it sneak through. it's in between his legs. is it on the ground? it might have snuck out. >> there must be evidence in order to over turn the call on the field which was an incomplete pass. not sure >>> alternative anderson taking a look at the last play rule an incompletion. richard crawford thought he got the interception. conclusive evidence in order to award the ball to the redskins. >> the angles you see on replay are different than the angles you see from the replay booth. it gets bounced over. he's got it. now you have to maintain possession just like a receiver. does it hit the ground or does he manage to get that right hand under. it looked like the toe or i should say the point of the ball might have just touched the ground. >> the ruling on the field stands not enough evidence to over turn. so the titans will maintain possession. >> it's those kind of plays that gave richard crawford an opportu
] charmin ultra soft is made with extra cushions that are soft and more absorbent. plus you can use four times less. charmin ultra soft. could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. mmmhmmm...everybody knows that. well, did you know that old macdonald was a really bad speller? your word is...cow. cow. cow. c...o...w... ...e...i...e...i...o. [buzzer] dangnabbit. geico. fifteen minutes could save you...well, you know. >> jazmine: never, never, never, never, never! run, missy, run! >> ella: careful. >> jazmine: don't tell mom i'm here. thank you. >> janine: jazmine. aunt ella, i've -- i've been looking all over for jazmine. she's not in her room. is she back there? >> c.j.: no. she's not in aunt ella's room, either. >> janine: where? >> c.j.: if we don't find her, we're gonna be late for her dentist's appointment. jazmine, um, we -- we know you're in there. >> jazmine: [ deep voice ] no, i'm not, and there's nobody home. >> ella: jazmine. jazmine, come out of that closet and stop playing games. >> jazmine: this is not a game. >> janine: jazi, baby, why are you so afraid of going
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